Combining the collaborative effort of six Latino serving and led groups, the Latino Equitable Development Collective (LEDC) builds on existing data-driven initiatives to reduce poverty in East North Philadelphia.

Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) Philadelphia will support data collection, grant administration, and facilitate learning across the LEDC to promote an equitable recovery from the pandemic.

Why We Invested

With decades of experience and a collective impact strategy, LEDC partners provide services across the spectrum. These include benefits screening, health services, housing assistance, education and job training, and tax prep services. Each LEDC organization has deep roots – and deep trust – in the community, which helps people access more than one of their services.

Through the Family Stability Challenge, Latino Equitable Development Collective scales their impact by strengthening existing referral partnerships and working together to refer people across organizations. This collective effort ensures people continue to get support by building a data platform to track the partnership’s impact.

East-North PHL residents currently live in poverty
Latinos in PHL live in poverty – highest rate of any group
Median income

Residents of East North Philadelphia face disproportionate challenges due to health inequities, unstable housing, and lack of access to quality education and employment. Connecting these neighbors to benefits and tax prep will build economic security and neighborhood stability.